Thursday, December 31, 2009

(I'm on a black-eyed pea binge today)

Marinated Black-Eyed Peas

This recipe comes from the back label of a can of Bush's black-eyed peas:

1 can of Bush's black-eyed peas, rinsed & drained

1 rib celery, chopped

1 Tbsp onion, finely chopped

1 Tbsp vegetable oil

1 Tbsp vinegar

1 Tbsp mayonnaise

1/4 tsp salt

dash of cayenne pepper

1 ripe tomato, diced

Combine first 3 ingredients. Combine oil, vinegar, mayo, salt and pepper; mix well and pour over pea mixture. Stir gently and chill in refrigerator several hours. At serving time, add diced tomato and mix carefully.

I usually double this recipe.

Black-Eyed Pea Dip

For your new year's dining pleasure, try this dip. You get your black-eyed peas in a whole new way. Thanks to my friend Ronnie for sharing it with me:

Black-Eyed Pea Dip

1 can (16 oz) black-eyed peas, drained
3 green onions including tops, chopped
½ cup sour cream
1 tsp garlic salt
½ cup chunky style salsa
4 slices of bacon, cooked and crumbled

Reserving 1/3 cup, place peas in a blender or food processor; process until smooth. Blend in onions, sour cream, and garlic. Transfer mixture to a bowl and stir in reserved 1/3 cup peas and salsa. Garnish with bacon.